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This June 2015, Lorenzo sent us information about the scholarship program and the coconut project:

“Hello, I am sending you the following updates for the scholarship and coco projects in Eastern Samar Philipines funded through Freies Wort Hilft and Waray Empowerment Network (WEN);
For the Schoalrship:
    I hope you already received my email last month about the list of the students and the bill amount from the university reflecting the total of the first semester tuition pay of our scholars. Our 85 scholars has been enrolled and the university did not required them to pay for their tuition considering the WEN information that there is additional One Semester Extension tuition fee scholarship. The university official made a follow up with me if funds for this one semester extension has already been downloaded. That’s why I am making this follow up.
For the Coco Project;
    As i mentioned earlier in my email, the project has been started immediately upon receipt of the amount, we purchased 1000 Coco seeds at 25 peso each. We let it sprout for about 3 months. The same has been distributed to 8 beneficiaries, Two (2) of which got 200 hundred seedlings and Six (6) got 100 coco seedling each.  We give planting incentive to the beneficiaries in the amount of 20 pesos per seedling. We spent 45,000.00 in total for that project. the remaining fraction of the amount around 3,000 pesos was used for miscellaneous expenses, hauling and transportation  during purchase and distribution of seedlings.
 Attached is the photo samples of our coco project.
This is all in the meantime, I hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you.
Regards from Philippines,
Truly yours,



An overview on some of our projects:

  1. Supporting school children in Hernani

More than 1000 children in Hernani, Eastern Samar – a village located in the north of Quinapondan which was heavily affected by Yolanda/Haiyan – were provided with school supplies. The project was carried out by friends of the former volunteers Patrick and Ingo.

  1. Chainsaw for Quinapondan

To support the reconstruction of destroyed homes in Quinapondan, the purchase of Stihl chainsaw has been funded and provided for the affected families.

  1. Scholars in Quinapondan

Four socially engaged scholars who were directly affected by the typhoon have been supported for several months. The scholarship of 90 euros per month should both assure a livelihood and serve as an incentive for social commitment. Thereby scholars could receive a financial assistance of 540 euros for proposed projects.

Under the guidance of the mentor Lorenzo, the four young people supported the affected communities to commence their agricultural activities again. Agriculture is the basis of existence for a major part of the local population and was especially impaired by the disaster, e.g. due to the loss of cocos.

  1. Scholars in Hernani

Also in Hernani two scholars, namely Joseph J. A. Ayon and John Rey Reyes, have been supported. Before they received their scholarships they were already engaged in organizing a group of young and motivated fellows and worked together on various projects. For example, donations were collected in Cebu and Manila to purchase gifts for children being affected by the typhoon in Hernani. At the same time they developed a project wherein they distributed vegetable seeds for backyard gardening in Hernani and in the associated villages. In effect, the affected population depending on relief was able to recover fast and return to self supply. Togther with friends, the two scholars developed a project called „Go Green Hernani”. The goal was to foster environmental protection in Hernani. Among others, trees were cultivated sustainably which are an important source of income and at the same time reduces the impacts of the climate change. Joseph and John Rey are supported by our mentor Kyle Christopher D. Antofina and work closely with the municipal administration.

  1. Supporting students at the Eastern Samar State University (ESSU)

The major part of donations was used to fund tuition fees of students from the most impacted families.

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