Who we are

On the German side our network consists of former volunteers who lived and worked for a whole year in the demolished „Region 8”, which was hit hard by typhoon Haiyan in November 2013. On the Philippine side socially engaged fellows are participating in the network. After the disaster the former volunteers jointly cooperated to support the typhoon-affected people. Finally, in August 2014 the cooperation led to the foundation of the „Waray Empowerment Network Germany Philippines e.V.”

Priorly, we promoted and supported various projects in Region 8 through the structures of „Freies Wort hilft” e.V. By now, the 14. January 2015, we have our own statute of registered association (in German).

More about us and our members

What we do

Particularly, we are supporting the Philippine islands Leyte and Samar, which were mostly affected by typhoon Haiyan. Our assistance is being implemented through a scholarship-programme, financial support for local programmes in the fields of education, social and ecological development and reconstruction measures.

More about our projects
The name „Waray Empowerment Network”

The Waray are a group of people whose native language is Waray-Waray. Around 3 million people – 4 percent of the Philippine population – are inhabiting the islands Leyte, Samar and Biliran. Especially in this region we want encourage and empower the Philippine-German network – therefore our name Waray Empowerment Network.

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