Self-description of Joseph

My name is Joseph Jay A. Ayon, from Hernani Eastern Samar. I’m active from outdoor recreations and social meet ups that gives me a chance to met this former voluJoseph-waray.netnteers of DED and been friends with them since and until now. I was been a Scholar of this network for 6 months and still active until today. Just after the typhoon Haiyan we initiated a small projects one is we called it Operation Santa for Hernani which aims to bring smiles and hopes to our little kiddos here in Hernani. And project Seeds of Hope that provides vegetable seeds that covered the 11 Barangay here in Hernani. This 2 projects was been funded by my friends both filipino and germans and so this network. Presented to the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Officer in Charge to be a volunteer as the only one Assistance Staff in hes department, I worked as the researcher and in terms of dissemination of information regarding with the public disturbances. Also worked in the International Organization for Migration (IOM-OIM) as a Camp Coordination Camp Management Assistance (CCCM) Assistance for 7 months which weve been caretaking the bunkhouses in 4 Municipalities including (Hernani, Balangkayan, Maydolong, Borongan) of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s). Been an awesome experience working from different organizations in terms of helping this needy. Thanks that the WEN gives me the first experience in building a network in part of determining social projects. And I promise not to stop but to continue more in working helping people who really need an assistance even just in simple act. “For it is in giving that we recieve.” [St. Francis of Assisi/Operation Santa motto].

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